Sunday, 7 May 2017

Over the last dozen years

A lifetime of memories was what I took with me after having finished my very first backpacking trip back in high school. Generally, they are memorable ones that recollect the exploits of two brothers amidst the amazing sceneries of nature. Objectionable flashbacks however also loom inside of me that have in some ways given me insights on this one of a kind sport. Even if the missteps we had were not major ones, it would still have been better if we knew what we were getting ourselves into rather than going at it blind.

hindi drama serialOver the last dozen years or so my quest for adventure has led me on more two day outings. Oppositely, my brother has taken on trips that lasted for four and five days. It might be a question hindi drama serial to you why he is able to stay on the trail more. All the paraphernalia he tags along with and knowing the basic rules that make the sport fun is his answer.

A few policies should be taken into consideration when getting ready to enter this sport. Number one should be to wear clothes you can walk around in and have a pack that sits well with your body. A powerful sleeping bag and tent is what you will need and never over pack to avoid carrying a heavy load. It is not uncommon for many to over pack and pick out a backpack that was totally wrong for them and I have seen this happen.

Starting from the bottom then all the way on top was the advice my brother handed me. The backbone of your whole backpacking trip is dependent on the kind of boots you will bring. You should buy boots that will be able to fit your feet while wearing many sock layers and always be positive that your toes are away from danger when heading downhill.

Another priceless piece of equipment is the backpack. A backpack that is constructed of nylon and can enlarge is what you may need. Pockets on the outside can help you compartmentalize things but it can also add to the weight you have to carry.

Typically, a 5,000 cubic inch backpack is already ample for a trip that is worth one week. Pack enough clothing, especially socks, to last the length of your trip, but don't over pack. Always bring a rain coat on your trip just in case.

Make sure that your tent is not heavy and also has a water resistant bottom. If two of you are going on a trip it would be ideal to have a tent fit for three because much space is needed for equipment. Seams on the tents should always be lap felled to provide more strength. Make sure the tent will become as water proof for a long time like applying so water repellent spray.

It is always nice to have enough food but too much may add more weight on your load. Food can be dehydrated so that when you go on your trip, you will be able to bring more and save weight. Store food in freezer bags and pack a small pot for cooking purposes. A Bunsen burner which you can use for cooking will help you steer clear from any forest fires.